Repel Pirates and Provide Aid to De Caminha Station

Repel Pirates and Provide Aid to De Caminha Station


Reports are coming in that the strained De Caminha station has been the target of increased levels of pirate attacks.

Jerome Archer has announced a growing state of concern among parts of Federation space, stating that the war has spread supplies and support too thin amongst their territories.

Archer currently remains the Vice President of the Federation until President-elect Felicia Winters returns from supporting her home planet of Rhea 3, which is still recovering from a series of devastating earthquakes.

At an emergency conference, Jerome Archer stated the following:

โ€œThe good work that the Federation is doing in the fight against the Thargoids is noble, and valuable, but it takes its toll. Our president, Zachary Hudson, has done an excellent job maintaining the Federation in spite of this, but we can only do so much.โ€

โ€œIt pains me to see De Caminha be the target of attacks by criminals looking to take advantage of the Federationโ€™s continued efforts to end the war as quickly as possible, so I am calling on pilots across the galaxy for aid.โ€

โ€œI urge you to hunt down the aggressors and supply the Earth Defence Fleet stationed in De Caminha with the medicines and equipment to prevent further attacks. Only by doing both will the station be safe again.โ€

โ€œAny help is appreciated, and will be rewarded.โ€

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