Titan Oya and Update 18.03

Titan Oya and Update 18.03

Greetings Commanders!

The time has come to take out another Titan target! The Thargoid Titan Oya in Cephei Sector BV-Y b4 looks set to be vulnerable on Thursday 18th April! With your combined efforts you can unleash the military might of humanity and reduce the xenos invaders to space dust! 

Oya Rewards

For every Titan you work to defeat you will earn incrementally different rewards. Titan Oya is the 3rd Titan brought down which means if you have previously been involved in fighting the last two Titans you will receive the following rewards:

  • The next Titan conquest decal. We are working to release black and white versions of these decals following your feedback!
Elite Dangerous - Titan Conquest Decal
  • A new ship kit for the Krait
Elite Dangerous - Krait Ship Kit

Pilots also receive arx and credits for taking down Titan hearts and damaging the core. 

Update 18.03

On Thursday 18 April we are releasing Update 18.03 which specifically focuses on improvements to some of the stability issues encountered with the Titans. Please be aware that we are still investigating these issues but this patch should offer significant improvement.

If you experience vents or the core becoming stuck or unresponsive please switch to playing in private group or playing solo. 

Release Schedule (Times in UTC)

  • 5am UTC - In game maintenance messages begin
  • 7am UTC - Servers offline for maintenance and deployment of Update 18.03
  • 11am UTC* - Servers online and update 18.03 available

*This is an approximated time and subject to change should additional maintenance be required

Should you experience any issues after this update please be sure to report them on this Issue Tracker page to help our developers investigate further. 

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