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Pre-Built Ships

Python Mk II Standard

Take to the stars in the Python Mk II, Faulcon DeLacy’s latest iteration of the iconic vessel - equipped with enhanced Supercruise Overcharge capabilities.


  • Python Mk II
  • Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock

To use a pre-built ship, deploy it at any Shipyard in the Starport Services menu.

  • If the pre-built ship is destroyed you will be able to redeploy it at no cost, but any additional modules you have added will require in-game credits to retrieve during re-buy.
  • You can only have one copy of this pre-built ship.
  • You can sell the deployed version via any Shipyard in the Starport Services menu to let you deploy it again.
  • This pack also includes general access to this vessel, which can then be found at appropriate in-game markets and can be purchased for in-game credits.


This product requires the 4.0 Game Client (PC only)