Update 18.04 and the Python Mk II are now available

Update 18.04 and the Python Mk II are now available

Greetings Commanders!

Update 18.04 is now available for Elite Dangerous, bringing with it our newest Elite Dangerous spacecraft, the Python Mk II! This sleek medium class ship, brought to you by the experienced engineers at Faulcon DeLacy, is a primarily focused on being a powerful combat vessel but also with advanced Supercruise Overcharge capabilities for a smoother ride! The Python Mk II is available in shipyards for all Odyssey owners on PC from 7 August or you can unlock early access today via the ARX store! Early access options come in two versions, the 'Standard' which will gives you a great framework to build upon or you can purchase the Python Mk II Stellar Pre-Built pack, an A-rated combat build to head straight into the action!

Python Mk II Stellar - 33000 ARX

Python Mk II - Stellar

Strike fear into your enemies with the Stellar edition of the Python Mk II – built ready for immediate combat encounters with a killer look.


  • Python Mk II Ship
  • High-Spec A-rated combat build
  • Venom Claret Paint Job
  • Strike Ship Kit
  • Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock

Python Mk II Standard - 16520 ARX

Python Mk II
  • Python Mk II Ship
  • Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock

Purchasing a Python Mk II will provide access to the model at any appropriate vendor for credits.

In addition to the Python Mk II this update also introduces new Pre-Built Ships that will give Commanders a helping hand in a variety of new fields! These Pre-Built Ships come with everything you need to get started in a variety of objectives, from mining resources through to taking on Thargoids! These ships will help you enjoy new aspects of Elite Dangerous and can be upgraded further with new components and modules once you've learned the ropes!

Laser Mining Jumpstart Type-6 - 25500 ARX

Type-6 Transporter

Begin your road to riches with this pre-built Type-6.


  • Type-6 Transporter Ship
  • Specialised laser-mining loadout
  • 2 Pre-Engineered Mining Lasers for increased efficiency
  • Salvage White Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit

Exploration Jumpstart Diamondback Explorer - 25500 ARX

Diamondback Explorer

Venture further into the vastness of space with this pre-built Diamondback Explorer.


  • Diamondback Explorer Ship
  • Specialised long-range space exploration loadout
  • Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster
  • Polarity Yellow Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit

AX Combat Jumpstart Alliance Chieftain - 25500 ARX

Alliance Chieftain

Bring the pain to the Thargoids with this pre-built Alliance Chieftain - ideal for engaging with Titans and other Anti-Xeno activities.


  • Alliance Chieftain Ship
  • Specialised AX Combat Loadout
  • 2 Guardian Gauss Cannons with full resistance to the Anti-Guardian field
  • Stygian Green Paint Job
  • 12-Piece Ship Kit

To use your new Pre-Built Ship simply deploy it at any shipyard. If the ship is destroyed you can rebuy at no cost, though should you add any upgrades those will require a credit rebuy.

Store Changes

Following on from our previous newspost, the Elite Dangerous Gamestore has now been updated with new prices and with more access to the popular paint jobs that matter most to you, including the Midnight Black paint jobs! Check out the store today and customise your ships and Commanders to be truly out of this world! 

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